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A will, also referred to as a last will and testament, is a vital part of any person’s estate planning. The will determines who gets what from your estate, appoints one or more representatives (executors) to administer your estate, and deals with issues such as guardianship of minor children.

A power of attorney, in the context of estate planning, appoints a representative (“attorney”) to look after your financial affairs in the event that you become mentally incompetent. In Alberta, this type of power of attorney is known as an enduring power of attorney.

A personal directive appoints one or more representatives to make medical decisions on your behalf in case you become incapacitated. Personal directives typically also provide specific guidance as to what your medical wishes might be.

I am the owner/operator of an established law firm based in Calgary, Alberta. As an experienced wills and estate planning lawyer, I can help you prepare a will, enduring power of attorney, and personal directive (sometimes called a living will in other jurisdictions) and can assist with other estate planning documents and tasks.

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