For starters, an executor should reside on Planet Earth. I have nothing against Klingons, but they don’t make the best executors. Part of that has to do with the desire to rush into battle. Longevity is a worthwhile characteristic in an executor.

So we’ve established that your executor should be an Earthling. Usually, your executor should live in the same country as you. Even better, your executor should live in the same province. The best situation, geographically speaking, occurs when your executor lives in the same city as you.

That’s not always possible, and geography is just one factor to consider when choosing an executor. However, it is an important factor. There are a few reasons for that.

For starters, a nearby executor can more easily deal with your property. He or she can attend local banks, hire a local Realtor, meet with a local estate lawyer, etc. A nearby executor can more easily make a court application to probate your estate. Furthermore, a nearby executor likely speaks the language that is used by the legal system where your property is located. This is particularly important for my clientele, as many of my clients are immigrants.

You’re also less likely to have unexpected tax consequences when you use an executor who resides in the same jurisdiction.